How to adjust bald head hair in Photoshop

How to adjust bald head hair in Photoshop

Adjust bald head hair

This tutorial gives you a brief overview on how to adjust bald head hair in Photoshop. You can learn from this tutorial how to adjust bald hair by following a few steps This work is also a part of photo editing work Professional photo editors or photo retouches' like background removal are also very popular. And there is a huge demand for it in the online market such as upwork

So let's see how to do this. First go to Photoshop's open option and open your main image. Like I opened this image in Photoshop

Then you have to select what kind of hair you want to adjust here and choose an image with that hair There are some free image download websites to like the image. From there, download an image with hair Like I downloaded this image from

Use the quick selection tools

Then you need to go to the open option of this image Photoshop and open the image of your hair Then you have to select the hair area with the forehead. We can use these quick selection tools

In this case you have to select quick selection tools from the tool bar on the left side of Photoshop and pull the brush on the hair area with half forehead. Then you can see that your targeted aria has been selected

Now you have to copy it by pressing ctrl + c while selecting move tools Then go to your main image and click on your image and press ctrl + v then the hair area will be transferred with a new layer.

Use the move tool

Then use the Move tool to adjust it to the bald head. Go to the tool bar on the left side of Photoshop and select the Move tool.

Then if the hair needs to be shortened or enlarged, then you have to press ctrl + t, then according to the size of the bald head, you can pull it out at the corners and make it short or long.

Then you have to finish the places that can be understood as joining In this case I have used the brush tool. 

Use the brush tool

To select the brush tool you have to select the brush tool (B) from the tool bar on the left side of Photoshop.

And when the brush tool is selected, go to the top bar of Photoshop and clear it instead of the normal option

And the brush has to be finished by pulling on the joining places Now you have to go to the layer option, select the first layer, press ctrl + e and adjust the two layers. Now your image is ready to be saved

I have shown in this photo editing tutorial how to easily adjust bald head hair If this tutorial has helped you, you can share it with your friends

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