How to Install & setup Tik Tok apps quickly & easily. Tik Tok?

What is Tik Tok app and why?

How to Install & setup Tik Tok apps quickly & easily.

We know the social media rocking app at this time is Tik Tok / Tik Tok App is a beautiful moment for us to have a good time / Many many videos are available from Tik Tok App, and this app keeps us smiling and happy all the time, and must say to the newbies. Definitely install the Tiktok app, and enjoy the beautiful moments by yourself. I am also telling you where to get the Tiktok app.

How To Setup A Tik Tok App For Beginners?

For this, first, go to the play store and download from there, after downloading, open the app, then there will be some options, such as animal, comedy, dance, game, music, and many more things, which you like, you can select it and install it. There are more options such as SKIP is written at the bottom, if you click on it, all kinds of videos will come up, and for those who want to Tik Tok, how to do it is given below.

How to make TikTok videos?

I think I understand, as I first entered Tik Tok, after entering Tik Tok, I selected the camera, here is a question how do I select the camera?

How to open a Camera on Tik Tok?

First, when you enter the Tik Tok app, there will be a plus sign in the middle, if you click on the plus sign, the camera will appear, we all can do it very easily, but many of us do not know how to set the music there.

How to Add extra sound to a video on the Tik Tok app?

It is easier, of course, after entering the camera, click in front of Ad Sound on your mobile, after clicking, there will be a lot of music, such as the music that is in the Tik Tok app, and there you can type and write what you want, and If you click on the plus sign there, it will be added. And in this way, you can make Tik Tok videos very easily, but to do Tik Tok you must have a good phone, the camera of the phone must be good, there must be good lighting, or you can go to a good place while spending some beautiful moments in the daylight. , and music can be siled in a more simple way, first exit the Tik Tok app.

Download & Install Capcut Apps For Tik Tok Video Edit

Go to the play store again, go to the play store and download the app in the same way as before by writing another app such as Capcat, download it and exit from there, go out and make a beautiful voice recording on your phone, edit the voice through the Capcat app, After editing, save nicely. After saving, go to the Tik Tok app again, go to the Tik Tok app and click on add sound again, after clicking there, click on My Sound, if you click there, it will take you to your mobile gallery.

From there you select the voice recording that you have edited, you can also start by selecting it from the gallery, like I selected one from my sound, then if you think you want to TikTok alone there is a second setting, how to set it Timer option is written on your phone, if you click there, you will get 3 seconds and ten seconds option, you can take whatever you need. And in between you can make yourself, you can also make TikTok videos through the music you set by making yourself.

Use the Beauty option on Tik Tok Apps

If you think you want to make the Tik Tok video a little fairer, for that there is a beauty option below, from there you can make your video fairer and different colors, and under that, you can make your appearance fairer, there are many filters and you can change the background color, Below that is Spirit, select how many minutes you want to make a video from there, as many of us know that TikTok has to make videos between 1 to 15 seconds and 1 to 60 seconds, we can make videos in between.

How to use long videos on Tik Tok apps?

What do you think you took a sound from your gallery that is 25 seconds or more or less than that? Then select the option below, if you select your video will be in 10, 15, or 20, seconds. , anyway, there are many more options that cannot be said at once, I will discuss it again in the comments later, I hope everyone is well and I hope I have made everyone understand a little bit.

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