What is GDP and how does it work? How do mega projects increase GDP?

Today's topic What is GDP and how does it work? How is the original calculation of GDP?

What is GDP and how does it work? How do mega projects increase GDP?

If you go to evaluate any country, then first comes the GDP. You may have heard in many places, GDP has increased or GDP has decreased or GDP has remained unchanged. GDP is very important to get a precise idea about the position of a country.

Important big mega projects of the country play the most important role in the GDP. Again, the projection of GDP is under IMF or World Bank cash with the government. GDP stands for Gross Domestic Product. Here, Griezmann's total distinct means, "the domestic concept of the development project that is adopted within a country. For example, we can say, by Bangladesh Domestic, we mean basically within the geographical location of Bangladesh's common air route. And lastly, the product means that which is being produced, that product has been made by someone and sold in the market. These products are manufactured by big industrial companies such as Walton, Bashundhara, and Beximco, all of which are domestic products.

A graphic designer provides the architecture and the highest value of that product to sell in the market. So basically let's assume that five of us in your family are engaged in 5 types of professions. Some are engineers, some are doctors, and some are small company owners. The amount of service you have done throughout the year has been invaluable
That's exactly what the family is in terms of money. This is how you can calculate the GDP of a shop, a shopping mall, or a district

The question may arise that there are many foreign companies in a country apart from only those domestic companies. China Apart from Chinese companies, there are companies from all over the world. For example, the companies that will be produced from America, Japan, in which country, what is inside that country, etc. will be discussed and the GDP will be calculated for that country. For example, Bangladesh Samsung, and Xiaomi Bangladesh have made their own products and the income from this will be counted in the GDP of Bangladesh.

For this reason, Bangladesh has now given the most importance to GDP. If ever the production falls, the GDP starts to fall as well.

Now another question may stand in your mind, Bangladesh does not produce all kinds of products. Again, for the sake of producing some products, other supporting products have to be imported from outside. For example, Samsung is producing Bangladesh Garments from China for them. Then a company from South Korea to Bangladesh manufactured laptops and sold them in the market. To make that laptop, the government imported all the motherboards or displays from different countries and sold them all in Bangladesh. Imported from the biggest company here. Whether it is counted in GDP, if it is counted in GDP, it is because of selling laptops made with the same motherboard processor in the market.

Not counted in GDP, and if ever counted, it would turn out to be completely wrong. On these, the government only looks at subsequent phases when a product becomes a product. For example, when a laptop becomes a laptop in combination with advanced motherboard countries, the price of that laptop will be counted in the GTV. Laptop manufacturing companies from different countries will not be counted separately.

Again, suppose the same product, your laptop's display is broken due to some reason and you bought it from the market shop and installed it on your laptop. The laptop display you buy from the retail market will be counted in GDP again. Now naturally, the question may arise in the mind of the 16 crore people of Bangladesh, thousands of companies, thousands of businesses, millions of people, whether the government really keeps the income and expenditure account? Or hides.

Bangladesh States has an institution that we know of to keep track of this data.

Bangladesh's GDP is low, or bad. This bad means overall production in that country is low. Fewer services businesses have reduced the scope of financing. People are getting less money in their jobs and the nature of people to have less money means that their purchasing power is reduced. And for all these reasons it has become most important to keep it as GDP. Infections become more important to some governments as GDP. Because it can prove, his position is somewhat better. Again there are many countries whose GDP was good before and now it is bad. JDP was once very high now it is down. Exhibitors Bangladesh and Pakistan In 2018, Pakistan's GDP was 314 billion, while Bangladesh's GDP was 274 billion. At that time the economy of Bangladesh was lagging behind that of Pakistan. Today, Bangladesh's prime GDP of $430 billion is $347 billion of Pakistan's GDP. Pakistan has much less production than Bangladesh. Bangladesh has more production than them. Basically, it means the total production value of the country.

The amount of goods produced in the country in a year, the original price of which I have, adjusted the price of the real GDP is the only way to read, the more the internal GDP of the country increases, the more it decreases. Again, the more joint production can be done, the more GDP will increase. But production is very low. Because its price has increased due to price like in our country the price of oil has increased, the price of eggs has increased, the price of onion is very high and the cost of production was not the same.

The reverse is essentially nominal GDP. Nominal GDP never gives you a picture of the overall economic condition of the country. It is only a snapshot of the economic situation. But some important books have given a very realistic picture of such a situation. Bangladesh's Government is always active with the GDP and publishes it thereby in front of the public. It has not to match the Bangladesh government's projection. It always looks like this, the Bangladesh government's projections always show more. And for this reason, it is often seen that people have a lot of per capita GDP as nominal, but according to that people's purchasing power means that people do not have that amount of money.

In many places, economic distress is just as common as before. Overall, we understand that it helps the government to increase the size of the GDP very well. In this discussion, we already know that production means the biggest way to increase GDP. But when will you do the production? You don't do anything unless you have to. It is very natural that if you produce, your GDP will increase. If you don't produce, your GDP will stagnate. or will decrease. Bangladesh Metrorail has been used. They are using country-made rods. They are made by the country because of the embargo on their produce, foreigners have worked here and are meeting the demand through the country's extra production to provide them with food.

Now think about it, because of the Metrorail project, the production has to increase, the production of rods has to increase, and the production of a huge amount of food has to be increased. Transportation companies have got job opportunities here. A lot of engineering architecture is working here. And all this only means that the production in the country has increased. There was no need for this result. In this way, you can now calculate all the mega projects in the country, and all of them have been completed. At one time Bangladesh's GDP percentage was higher. If you do it in the last few years, you will see that Bangladesh's GDP went from 6 percent to 7 percent. Bangladesh had and still has the largest budget. All the countries of this world undertake some mega project.

From the above discussion, we got to know some detailed information about the GDP of Bangladesh. DDP can change the country completely.

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